What is UCG-GTL

UCG-GTL is the "revolutionary" successful combination of two known processes, Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) and the conversion of the resultant Gas To Liquids (GTL).

UCG - Underground Coal Gasification

UCG technology is the process of converting coal into syngas, similar in method to the surface gasification method. However, the difference is that the drilled cavity in the coal seam acts as the "chemical" reaction  chamber so that the gasification process takes place underground instead of at the surface.

Underground Coal Gasification -reaction chamber diagram
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GTL - Gas To Liquids

GTL involves the process of converting syngas produced via UCG or other technology into liquid hydrocarbon products via the Fischer-Tropsch process. The combination of the two technologies UCG and GTL is called Coal to Liquids (CTL). The end products include synthetic diesel, synthetic petroleum, synthetic waxes, lubricants, chemical feedstock, hydrogen, methanol and dimethyl ether. In addition, electricity can also be generated using UCG syngas as feedstock to gas turbine generators.

Fischer-Tropsch Syngas to oil
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UCG-GTL - Underground Coal Gasification + Gas To Liquids

The combination of UGC and GTL to produce Diesel and other energy rich fluids has been successfully trialed, in a world first, by Linc Energy (SGX Code: TI6) an Australian company with an early demonstration plant at Chinchilla, Queensland. Linc Energy has now delisted from our ASX and is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) ticker code TI6. (TI6 can be traded via eTrade)

The successful combination of UGC and GTL by Linc is said to be a world first and could have lead to Australia becoming one of the world's major suppliers of liquid hydrocarbons based on Australia's vast coal resources that were previously regarded as being "stranded". UCG-GTL is said to be the cleanest, commercially viable, use of coal to produce liquid fuels. Links

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