Underground Coal Gasification - Gas To Liquids (UCG-GTL)

UCG-GTL is the "revolutionary" successful combination of two known processes, Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) and the conversion of the resultant Gas (Syngas) To Liquids (GTL).

UCG and GTL as separate processes have been extensively trialed and have been in commercial use in many countries for more than 50 years.

The Game Changer is the recent successful combination of the two processes by an Australian company with one ton of coal producing between 1.5 - 2 barrels of oil equivalent at ~ $30 per barrel.

The Opportunity is many countries have vast resources of "stranded" or "low" quality coal, historically regarded as useless, that may now become a valuable, future, source of liquid hydrocarbons.

The investment opportunities are just now beginning to be understood.....  Linc Energy the company, that made the underground coal gasification - gas to liquids breakthrough, have  several billion tons of coal in South Australia and is now taking its' expertise to China, USA, Poland, Uzbekistan, South Africa, United Kingdom.

The roll out of UCG-GTL may see Australia become a net oil exporter and a dominant, long term, supplier of ultra clean, relatively cheap, liquid fuels to Asia within a few decades and perhaps more importantly a supplier of the IP and technology for other countries with the latter already happening.


UGC-GTL diagram


If you would like to contribute articles for publication on this website please email: [email protected] is a privately owned website dedicated to exploring underground coal gasification and the conversion of the resultant gas to liquid fuels. We believe that the UCG-GTL process will allow Australia to become liquid fuel independent and as such will greatly contribute to Australian household's wealth and reduced living costs. UCG-GTL is an important component of's Alternative Energy stable of websites.


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