Australian GTL Process

GTL: Gas to Liquids
The conversion of Syngas to Liquids is loosely encapsulated in the term "Gas To Liquids", where Syngas derived from coal gasification is fed into a cobalt based catalytic chemical reactor (Fischer Tropsch) and via the catalytic process, where Syngas reacts with cobalt, joins together the 'simpler' /'shorter' hydrocarbon chains to produce longer chains of liquid hydrocarbons termed Syncrude. The Syncrude is then filtered and refined to produce a range of liquids including: LPG, Jet Fuel, Naptha and ultra clean Diesel. (Fischer Tropsch GTL generates water)


Gas to Liquids


The combination of UGC and GTL to produce Diesel and other energy rich fluids has been successfully trialed by Linc Energy (ASX Code: LNC) an Australian company with an early  demonstration plant at Chinchilla, Queensland was to build a 20,000 barrel a day production facility. The successful combination of UGC and GTL by Linc is said to be a world first and could have lead to Australia becoming one of the world's major suppliers of liquid hydrocarbons based on Australia's vast coal resources that were previously regarded as being "stranded". UCG-GTL is said to be the cleanest, commercially viable, use of coal to produce energy.

Syngas derived from the UCG process can also be used as the substrate to produce a wide range of products as shown in the graphic below

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There is a great deal of information currently emerging about the various methodologies (and outputs) relating to "Gas to Liquids" as a quick search of Google reveals. You can spend days researching. Some of the exciting topics are referenced in our links page and our news pages often have topics that will interest investors and others.

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