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Linc Energy
The world's first company to successfully combine underground coal gasification and the conversion of the resultant gas (Syngas) to liquids

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New Energy Frontier: Drilling Into Coal for Gas
Underground coal gasification proposals ignite debate, from Wales to Wyoming.
National Geographic 2014

The Commercial Development of UCG
Institution of Civil Engineers, London 2008

Industry Review and an Assessment of the Potential of UCG and UCG Value Added Products
Price Waterhouse Coopers

The Development and Future of UCG in Australia
Houston UCG Conference 2007

Underground Coal Gasification: A Clean Coal Technology Ready for Development
The Australia Coal Review Oct 1999

Review of Underground Coal Gasification with Reference to Alberta's Potential
Energy Resources Conservation Board Alberta Geological Survey 2009-10

Underground Coal Gasification Partnership
The UCG Partnership is the centre of excellence for underground coal gasification.

Underground Coal Gasification
A Clean Coal Technology Ready for Development (CSIRO)

Environmental Issues
UCG Engineering Ltd

DME, Energy for the Future
DiMethyl Ether an efficient process

The Fischer-Tropsch process (Wiki)
The Fischer–Tropsch process involves a series of chemical reactions that lead to a variety of hydrocarbons

UCGL Process Explained
The next giant leap?

Small Scale GTL

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ASX Listed Company "Spotlights"

Linc Energy - Investor Linc - Current Newsletter

Central Petroleum takes its massive Australian oil, gas & coal acreage to the TSX

CENTRAL PETROLEUM Commences global search for Perdika basin UCG-GTL commercialisation partners

Central Petroleum: New resource lifts aspirations (pdf download)
When is an Australian junior not a junior? When its onshore hydrocarbon assets are half the size of Texas

Linc Energy Oxygen Injection UCG breakthrough

Regal Resources UCGL Video Interview

Regal Resources UCGL explanatory flyer


A series of articles written for the layman by Jim Baysack

# Underground Coal Gasification is Worth Learning More About
[News-and-Society:Environmental] Growing gas prices have been a constant source of concern for everyone in recent years. No matter how much money they make, no one wants to pay a lot to put gas in their car, especially now that many people are out of a job. Unfortunately, paying extra at the pump seems inevitable since the average person relies on gas in their daily life. Whether they have a job to attend everyday or are looking for one, most people cannot just refuse to pay the high prices for gas. However, this scenario is likely to change in the future, thanks to a little-known technology called underground coal gasification.

# Discover How the Process of UCG Can Save You Money

[News-and-Society:Energy] Anyone who wants to save money on gas should be interested in the process of underground coal gasification, or UCG. It is an alternative way of obtaining clean fuels, one that has been explored more recently due to increasing oil prices. Considering that the process benefits everyone, it is surprising how few individuals have any idea what it is. Not only do its advantages affect everyone, but the ideas and technology behind UCG are also fascinating. For this reason, it is important to at least have an idea of what goes on underground during the coal gasification process.

# Educate Yourself About Gas to Liquids Technology
[News-and-Society:Energy] If you are not up-to-date with scientific developments, you probably have not have heard of the process of converting gas to liquids. It might not sound like it could apply to many people, but in fact it should appeal to everyone. This newer method of using our natural resources to our advantage could be the key to less reliance on foreign energy sources, resulting in lower gas prices. The gas to liquids process is the first step to having an alternative to oil, so some understanding of it among the public is helpful.

# Consider the Future of Coal to Liquids Technology
[News-and-Society:Environmental] With some natural resources dwindling quickly, such as petroleum, we are facing a fuel crisis in the near future if we do not make some changes. Using a resource that is abundant in our earth but underused, such as coal, could be just the change we need. The coal to liquids procedure is instrumental in turning solid coal found within our planet's shell into a usable clean fuel. Not only could this technology solve the dilemma of diminishing petroleum, but it would also make gasoline less expensive than it currently is.

# Get to Know the Basics About the Coal to Liquids Process
[News-and-Society:Energy] Using our natural resources wisely is never a bad thing, which is why many companies and consumers alike have begun considering the coal to liquids process as a way to curb both high gas prices and environmental pollution. While fuel itself may not be a naturally occurring substance, coal is, and turning it into something we can all use will be beneficial to both our wallets and our ecosystem. Learning more about the coal to liquids process is essential for it to increase in popularity, and thus have a chance at becoming the next way to fuel our cars.

# Consider the Environmental Benefits of Underground Coal Gasification
[News-and-Society:Energy] It seems there are very few people out there who do not care about the environment. In recent years, it is commonplace to recycle, curb excess water usage, and even buy a house with many eco-friendly features. This concern for the environment, along with the public's apprehension about increasing fuel prices, has created a trend toward conserving gas as much as possible.

# Find Out How Old UCG Technology Really Is, and Who Created It
[News-and-Society:Environmental] Over the last few years, increasing oil prices have had the public curious about whether this is the only way to fuel their cars. Considering all the technology available today, one would think at least one oil-deprived country would come up with an alternative way to get gasoline. Few people are happy with the costs and hassle of having to import oil from other countries, except perhaps the oil owners themselves. Therefore, there is plenty of motive to develop an alternative fuel source. What many members of the public do not understand is that there are plenty of ideas floating around, a few of which actually make sense.

# Believe the Benefits of the Gas to Liquids Process

[News-and-Society:Environmental] The process of turning solid coal into gas sounds unbelievable. There are many benefits to the procedure, including being able to access the coal buried deep in the earth, 85 percent of which is inaccessible using current methods. However, the idea of turning gas to liquids seems even less plausible. Few people would believe that the solid coal one might encounter underground could be changed to liquid, let alone used to fuel our cars. Believe it or not, the gas to liquids method works, and it comes with many benefits.

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