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Carbon Energy Limited
ASX  Code: CNX

[email protected]

Mkt Cap AUD$225M (18/2/2011) / $66m (1/04/2012) / AUD$28m 8/11/2013

Carbon Energy (CNX), formerly known as Metex, is an emerging Australian gas producer. CNX is developing the processes and infrastructure to produce syngas by means of underground coal gasification (UCG) using technology developed by the CSIRO. The company has successfully built a pilot production facility near Dalby in the Surat Basin (QLD) which has produced commercially attractive syngas. Recent milestones include: Carbon has a joint venture with Incitec to identify and develop opportunities in Australia and internationally to make ammonia using the UCG process. Carbon has also signed a commercial off-take agreement with Queensland government-owned electricity provider Ergon Energy, placing CNX amongst the first to commercialise the UCG process. The contract, worth about $2 million a year, is for electricity produced at Carbon's 5MW syngas-powered electricity production facility being constructed at Bloodwood Creek in the Surat Basin. Major shareholders to date are the CSIRO, with 15 per cent and Incitec with about 10.5 per cent.

Central Petroleum


Mkt Cap AUD$52m (18/2/2011) / $132m (1/04/2012) / AUD$128m 8/11/2013

Central Petroleum is an ASX listed junior exploration and production company operating what is regarded as the biggest package of prospective acreage in Australia at over 250,000 km2 with independent reports indicating over 4,000 billion tons of coal much of which is deemed as suitable for UCG-GTL.

Liberty Resources

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Mkt Cap AUD$22m (18/2/2011) / $22m (1/04/2012) / AUD$12m 8/11/2013

Liberty Resources Limited is an Australian mining and exploration company, focussed on the discovery and development of clean energy sources from coal. Liberty has projects in Queensland with 27,000km2 with a JORC inferred deposit (suitable for UCG) and the Yilgarn Craton W.A. project via its fully owned subsidary Rhodes Resources.

Linc Energy Limited
ASX Code: LNC has delisted from the ASX and is now listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange SGX code: TI6.

TI6 can be traded via eTrade Global Shares platform.

[email protected]

Mkt Cap AUD$1,455M  (18/2/2011) / $580m (1/04/2012) / AUD$711m 8/11/2013

Linc Energy (ASX: LNC) is an innovative energy company deploying Coal to Liquid (CTL) technology from two combined processes: Underground Coal Gasification (UCG); and Gas to Liquids (GTL). The technology enables the firm to convert stranded coal reserves into ultra clean diesel fuel. The company may also use the synthetic gas (syngas) developed by UCG process as feedstock for gas turbines to generate environmentally friendly electricity. LNC is currently constructing a model facility at Chincilla (Queensland) with an output capacity of 10 barrels per day (bpd) and also plans to develop a 20,000 bpd South Australian facility in the next three years. The qualitative analysis highlights the company's leading position within the UCG industry in many areas including technology enhancement, ownership of vast supplies of coal, a strong management team and the ability to capture substantial commercial opportunities. Linc has in addition substantial oil and coal assets in several countries.

See  Linc Energy (TI6) chart here

Metro Coal

[email protected]

Mkt Cap AUD$35M  (18/2/2011) / $86m (1/04/2012) / $7m  8/11/2013

Metro Coal is an Australian pure play coal and energy company focussed on developing its tenements covering a combined 4,000 square kilometres of the Surat Basin in Southern Queensland. Metro Coal became an ASX listed entity on the 4/12/2009.


Morton Resources


New Hope Corporation

Mkt Cap AUD$3,944m - (18/2/2011) / / $4,393m (1/04/2012) / AUD$3,024m 8/11/2013

NEW Hope Corporation's new stake in coal-to-liquids technology from private Canadian firm Quantex Research Corporation produces a pitch product, that can further be processed into synthetic crude oil, from thermal grades of coal using a clean liquefaction process and may replace a portion of global crude oil supply. New Hope Corporation is a divesified coal player with interests in coal production, coal shipping ports, CSM and coal projects.

Syngas Limited

Mkt Cap AUD$7M - (18/2/2011) / $3m (1/04/2012) / AUD$1m 8/11/2013

Syngas Limite (SYS, formerly GulfX Limited) is an Oil and Gas Company working to achieve large scale syngas production and  plans to produce clean (ultra low sulphur, low trace element and low particulate content) premium diesel in South Australia using proven gasification and associated technologies to exploit its JORC compliant coal resource.
N.B. SYS is not an underground coal gasifiier. They are proposing the use of mined coal and biomass for a gas to liquids process.

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